Nathan Slay

Obituary of Nathan M. Slay

Nathan Monte Slay died peacefully on 12-24-2018 in Nampa, Idaho at the age of 78.  Nathan battled and suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for the last few years of his life.

Nathan is survived by his wife Joy Slay of Nampa, Idaho and his son Anthony Nathan Slay.  Nathan had 4 grandchildren: James Slay, Katherine Jimenez, Nick Ekbatani, and Kaylah Ekbatani.  Nathan has a brother, Jeff, residing in California, and has numerous step children and step-grand children.  He is preceded in death by his daughter Tracey Michelle Ekbatani and his brother Ronnie Slay.

Nathan was born on March 16th, 1940 in Shawnee, Oklahoma to James Nathan Slay and Bertha Estelle Meason. He was raised and educated in Southern California, attending Mara Costa high school in Redondo Beach. Nathan entered into the U.S. Army May 4th, 1957.  He was discharged honorably on May 27th, 1965.  Upon discharge from the Army, Nathan entered the U.S. Navy Reserves on November 4th, 1974.   He was assigned to aircraft intermediate maintenance departments, aircraft branch.  During his active duty, he served on the USS Kitty Hawk, assigned to performing routine tasks covering all phases of the AMS rating.  His knowledge and experience in metal fabrication greatly aided the junior men and directed them in their work assignments.  He was employed by Douglas, McDonald Douglas, and finally Boeing Aviation for 45 years, retiring in 2004.  The aircraft Nathan worked on the most was the C-17, cargo plane.

He married Kay June Rose on October 31st, 1959 after serving in the Army. Kay Passed away March of 1972 and left Nathan to raise their two children.  He later married Linda Thatcher Davis and they remained married for 25 years until her death in 2007.  During this time two of Linda’s granddaughters, Kelly and April came to live with them and stayed through high school.

Nathan married Joy Garrett-Wyatt in 2008.  They were very happily married and enjoyed fun times together traveling in their fifth wheel.  They loved to visit relatives and going to the Oregon Coast and camping in Idaho was among their favorite jaunts.  They took trips to Arizona and even went as far as Tennessee once.  They attended the Church of Christ together.  Nathan was baptized on a cold wintery day in 2010 by Michael McQueary in 2010.   Nathan loved church and was always ready to hear about God and Jesus.  Nathan attended church as long as he was able and a prayer of thanks was always offered at their table.  Each night, before bed, Nathan and Joy prayed together to end their day.

Nathan, Monte to his family, loved to write poems.  He wrote many of them, some funny and some serious.  Here is a favorite poem that Joy selected to share, titled “My Best Friend.”

My Best Friend

When I was just a little boy, He used to play with me.  He would listen when I read a book, or just sit and watch TV.

He would walk with me to school and comfort me when I was sad, but then He would scold me when I was very bad.

When I grew to be a young man and the world grew larger each day, He was constantly teaching me to be patient in every way.

And then I grew older and took a wife for my own, He enlightened me with wisdom to be the head of my home.

And then one day He spoke to me when I was old and gray, It was my Lord calling to me so could go out and play.

I was again a little child, where there is no fear and pain, when you loved to lay on the grass and go out and play in the rain.

And now I am with Him where there is no end.  It is my Lord, my master, my dearest and best Friend.

Music was important to Nathan.  He played the guitar, mandolin, violin, and some banjo.  He shared his love of music with his family and friends. He loved to play and sing at family gatherings and with his son Tony.