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Donald King

Obituary of Donald King

On July 13th, 1968 Don entered the world to Dale and Connie King at Caldwell Memorial
Hospital. He was their second born son, little brother to Allen King.
Soon after, they decided it was time to set down roots and in 1969 The King family moved into
their new forever home.
The next year Don got a new baby sister Denice King to pick on. All 3 kids grew up surrounded
by their great grandmother and grandparents next door on both sides.
After school Don followed in his father’s footsteps, and from a very young age, all the way to
adulthood to working with is parents at Happy Day Ford as a certified Ford mechanic.
Donald was always the life of the party with all of his friends.
Stinker Station in Caldwell played a big part in his and his best friend, Mark Winters’ life.
Always stopping to get their soda refills and gas station hot dogs. Later in life Don and Mark
would blame their diabetes on that Stinker station.
While going to Caldwell High School, Don would find something he always wanted. It all
started when Brenda Gohn would lean over his lap to steal his tater tots sitting on the seat of his
truck during lunch.
They soon became inseparable and these High School sweethearts were married right after Don
graduated in 1987.
Their wedding day fell on September 19, 1987 and was celebrated at Caldwell Memorial Park.
Don wore all white, and was surprisingly able to stay out of an engine long enough to make it
through the ceremony.
The day was filled with love, family and friends. Made memorable by a squirrel tasting the cake
before anyone and Don wheeling Brenda down the sidewalk in a wheelbarrow.
That day started the best years of his and Brenda’s lives and showed everyone what real true
love looks like. Although there was one more thing Don wanted all his life. A secret wish that
Brenda didn’t know. And in 1992 they welcomed their first daughter Allene into the world.
Don’s eyes had never been more blue when he became Daddy Daddy to his new baby girl.
Seven years later, in 1999 they thought they were done having kids. But Don’s secret wish came
true again and they welcomed their second daughter Carisa. Don had become daddy daddy again,
and the happier he was, the brighter blue his eyes would become.
Now having his three girls, mom and 2 daughters, the family grew to 4. The happiest man in
the world had everything he wanted: a loving wife, 2 daughters, a house of their own and a job he
loved driving truck for United Oil.
As his girls grew through the years, so did the number of placemats around the dinner table.
Many friends became their self-adopted kids. And even though they didn’t have much to share,
they had more than enough love to give.
Don and Brenda collected lots of family friends, nieces and nephews as their own kids. No
mater what, no one was ever turned away. Just shown the love they had to share.
Donald LeRoy King
July 13, 1968 - January 29, 2022
With so many kids running around the house, Brenda’s nemesis question was spoken daily:
“Where’ Dad?” Or “Where’s Don?” And it would always bring Don a smile to his face.
One of Don’s scariest days was in 2011. That day he watched his eldest daughter, Allene, climb
up into a jacked up GMC mud truck with a “redneck” Harley Elsie driving. His heart sunk, and it
would sink again, but in the best way.
In 2014 Allene and Harley gave him the gift of a lifetime: to be a Papa. His first grandson
Augstyn was born.
Blessed again in 2018, Don was present when Allene gave birth to a second grandson Hunter.
Allene was lucky to have her father holding one hand and her husband holding the other. Each
whispering in her ear: “You can do it.” Ending with Don holding his newest prize.
That same year his youngest daughter, Carisa graduated from high school and made him cry
like a baby. Fulfilling a promise made to his great grandma Edith by his father decades before.
Soon after, Carisa made Daddy Daddy’s heart drop again when she brought a new boyfriend
home: Tristtian Spikes. But, of course, it wouldn’t take Don long to threaten the new guy, give
him a nickname and welcome him into the family. As long as Tristtian didn’t take his car working
buddy away from him. He was so proud to watch Carisa jump into an engine with him.
Don enjoyed doing many other things. Especially if there was a pine tree and water nearby. His
joys were camping, hunting, fishing, boating swimming and going to car shows and road trips.
He could be found most days in an old truck engine, and if there were kids nearby, they would
help him. Later they would come into the house covered in black head to toe.
Whenever given the chance Don would take his motorcycle for a spin, returning home with
bugs in his teeth.
Don was so proud when United Oil made him the Boise warehouse manager and he loved
working with everyone there. “The only thing missing was the mountain drives.” He would say.
Don would always say he was so fortunate to have everything, but really it was everyone else
that was fortunate. To have him touch their hearts. Don couldn’t have ever imagined what a huge,
loving family (blood or not) he would create by having his one wish he carried since he was a boy
come true: To get married and become a daddy.
Something that will help us all is one saying Don always had:
“We will figure it out,” he would say. “We always figure it out. As a family you can do
So live your lives like there’s no tomorrow, and just as Don has shown us. LOVE.
Love each other, hold each other, help each other and mend each other’s hearts. Say “I love
you.” every time you leave the room.
We love you Don.
Donald LeRoy King is survived by his loving wife Brenda (Gohn) King of almost 35 years.
Daughter Allene King and her husband Harley Elsie and their two sons Augstyn and Hunter.
Daughter Carisa with Tristtian Spikes. Older brother Allen King and little sister Denice King.
Along with many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, in-laws, friends and self-adopted kids. He is
preceded in death by his parents Dale and Connie King.

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